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New Store Item: Bring the Banshee Queen Home Today!

We’ve added a new World of Warcraft item to the Blizzard Gear Store! Bring the Banshee Queen home to...

3 years ago
Prepare to Bring Illidan Home Today! *More Available

Known for more than his catch phrase, “You are not prepared!” – Illidan Stormrage is an iconic figur...

4 years ago
Blizzard at 2016 San Diego Comic-Con- Booth #140

If you’re attending the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con, then you’ll want to then you’ll want to come visit...

4 years ago
Get the New Illidan Novel Today!

Are you prepared— for the new Illidan novel? If not, head on over to the Blizzard Gear Store and ord...

5 years ago
Bring Grommash Hellscream Home Today

Legendary Warchief Grommash Hellscream is ready to take his place in your collection with this limit...

5 years ago