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Honoring Lost Heroes: A Poll

Who else would you honor during this Harvest Festival?

7 years ago
Get Ready for gamescom 2015!

Blizzard’s gearing up for another epic gamescom this year! From August 5-9, we’ll be providing plenty of entertainment at our biggest booth to date in Hall 7 of the Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany.

8 years ago
World of Warcraft Pet and Heroes of the Storm Mount Rewards

World of Warcraft is teaming up with Heroes of the Storm to celebrate the launch of Blizzard’s new free-to-play team brawler with an epic Grave Golem pet—summoned into Azeroth straight from Heroes’ Haunted Mines map!

8 years ago
Murky Hero Week

At face value the petite Murky may not appear to be as formidable as other Heroes, but in Heroes of the Storm, Murky takes on the role of a persistent Specialist who wears down opponents by repeatedly respawning from his cleverly-hidden eggs a few second after being killed.  Just when you thought you got rid of him, he's back, and you can learn all about him in our newest Hero Blog!

9 years ago
Heroes of the Storm's Li Li Hero Week

Li Li is the niece of Legendary Pandaren Brewmaster Chen Stormstout, and she enjoys exploring strange new places, meeting new people, and kicking bad guys in the face! She’s just the spunky Pandaren you’ll want to have on your side in the Nexus, and you can learn all about her in our newest Heroes of the Storm Blog!

9 years ago
Heroes of the Storm: Brightwing

Cute does not equal harmless, and Brightwing the Faerie Dragon is a mischievous little dragon with a big appetite! You’ll definitely want to stay on her good side when you battle in the Nexus, and you can learn more about her in our newest Hero Week blog!

9 years ago