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A Tale of Two Factions: Elegy and A Good War Now Available!

There are two sides to every story. Read Elegy and A Good War now to explore a fateful event in the ...

9 months ago
Battle for Azeroth Preview: Nazmir Visitor’s Guide

The heart of the troll empire, Zandalar is known as Azeroth’s cradle of life. There are three main t...

a year ago
Welcome to Orgrimmar: A Guided Tour

Orgrimmar was founded in the valleys and caverns of northern Durotar as the new home of the orcish r...

3 years ago
New Player Guide: Orc Starting Zone- Sen'jin Village and Razor Hill 5-10

The way of the orc is fraught with peril, but also with great potential. Leaving the Valley of Trial...

3 years ago
New Player Guide: Orc Starting Zone- Valley of Trials 1-5

All great adventures start with a hero that is not yet a hero. The time has come for you to join the...

3 years ago
Horde Worldbreaker Preview

The return of Deathwing has forever changed the face of Azeroth in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, and...

8 years ago
Legendary Drops From the Grand Master Tailors at J!NX

J!NX is unleashing a slew of new designs. Head over to J!NX to check out the line, which consists of...

8 years ago
World of Warcraft Mugs Now Available

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Or perhaps you need a not-so-subtle way to show your World of ...

8 years ago