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Viewer's Guide: WoW Classic Summer Bowl

Tune in beginning Saturday, June 20 at 10:00 a.m. PDT to watch the first WoW Classic esport event of...

18 days ago
Introducing the World of Warcraft Classic Summer Bowl!

We set our eyes to Classic Warsong Gulch to find our Summer champion!

a month ago
Viewer's Guide: Arena World Championship 2020

The Arena World Championship (AWC) is one of the most prestigious PvP event in the world (of Warcraf...

2 months ago
Viewer's Guide: Mythic Dungeon International 2020

We’re back, dungeon-runners! The Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) is coming to YouTube beginning A...

3 months ago
Arena World Championship and Mythic Dungeon International 2020 Sign-Ups Now Open

Do you and your team have what it takes to make it the top spot in the Arena World Championship or M...

4 months ago
Arena World Championship & Mythic Dungeon International 2020 Plans Revealed

As the final season of Battle for Azeroth gets underway, we’re planning something truly spectacular ...

5 months ago
Meet the BlizzCon 2019 Arena World Championship Winners!

Eight teams from around the globe arrived at BlizzCon 2019 this week to prove that their team had wh...

8 months ago
A New World of Warcraft MDI 2019 Winner Rises!

The Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) pits the best dungeon runners head-to-head to see who has the...

8 months ago
Watch the Arena World Championship & Mythic Dungeon International Global Finals at BlizzCon!

The World’s best dungeon runners and Gladiators from all corners of Azeroth will converge at BlizzCo...

8 months ago
AWC Asia Pacific Finals: Tune In This Weekend

After back to back online tournament cups, the best Arena teams from Australia, New Zealand, Korea, ...

9 months ago
AWC Summer Finals: Last Chance for BlizzCon 2019

The four very best teams from North America and Europe battle for the last two remaining spots for t...

9 months ago
Viewer’s Guide: Mythic Dungeon International Summer Season

Dungeon Racing is back with the Summer Season of the MDI!

a year ago
Postcard from MDI Spring Finals: Championship Sunday

Close calls and crumbling curses on the final day of the tournament.

a year ago
AWC Summer Season: A Viewer’s Guide

Tune in for six weeks of the world’s best PvP players fighting for glory starting June 12.

a year ago
Postcard from MDI Spring Finals: The Doctor Is In

Despite falling to the lower bracket, DrJay of Abrakeydabra is proud of his team.

a year ago
Postcard from the MDI Spring Finals: East meets West

The teams have landed in Sydney and are preparing for the first day of competition.

a year ago
MDI Spring Finals Head Down Under

Sydney will host the best dungeon-running teams in the world this weekend.

a year ago
Meet the Teams Competing at the AWC Spring Finals

Join us this weekend as we crown the champions!

a year ago
WoW Esports at BlizzCon 2019

Arena and the Mythic Dungeon International will share the stage in Anaheim.

a year ago
Asia-Pacific Enters the Arena

AWC Cup signups for ANZ now live, Korea and Taiwan to come!

a year ago
Viewer’s Guide: Mythic Dungeon International Spring Season

WoW esports is off to the races with the MDI!

a year ago
Support WoW Esports With Your Toy Purchase

You can help support World of Warcraft esports by purchasing two new in-game toys!

a year ago
The Mythic Dungeon International Time Trial Guide

Time to warm up!

a year ago
Meet the Gladiators: Smexxin

Get to know your Arena World Championship competitors as we kick off Cup 3 today!

a year ago
Welcome to the Proving Grounds

Run five level 14 Mythic Keystone Dungeons for Tournament Realm access.

a year ago