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Watching every game of every match at BlizzCon will be easier than ever in 2017.

a month ago
Check Out the New WoW Esports Site!

The new WoW esports site is dedicated to the people and players who live and breathe esports, like u...

5 months ago
Watch BlizzCon Esports Your Way

After a thrilling Opening Week, we're one step closer to crowning esports champions! You won&#39...

a year ago
New Esports Show, Gladiator's Summit: Watch Now!

The Gladiator’s Summit is a brand-new show dedicated to World of Warcraft Arena events, globally. In...

3 months ago
WoW Arena Esports: Splyce, Undisputed, Wins Another One

Splyce becomes the first team to win back-to-back World Championships at BlizzCon.

a year ago
World of Warcraft Arena: World Champions Crowned at BlizzCon 2017!

Miss any matches? Forget the final? Wonder who won? Look no further! We have all the action from the...

a day ago
Watch the Collegiate Dungeon Race Playoffs!

Watch World of Warcraft Mythic Keystone dungeon race teams compete for a share of $20,000 in scholar...

12 days ago
Australia and Latin America Enter the Fray in WoW Arena

Meet the teams who are breaking new ground for their regions—and for the perception of esports back ...

18 days ago
Opening Week—Day 5: Method: Triforce vs. The World

Swapxy, Boetar, and Fabss are back to win their third consecutive title, but the entire world has li...

22 days ago
This Month in WoW®: November 2017

Prepare your appetite for a cornucopia of events this month–BlizzCon 2017, Pilgrim’s Bounty, and Wor...

21 days ago
Arena World Championship at BlizzCon: Meet the Teams

12 teams, from all over the world, will clash at BlizzCon to fight for the Arena World Champion titl...

a month ago
Gladiator's Summit Episode 4 & BlizzCon Talent Lineup

Episode 4 is here! Watch the latest episode for a deep dive into the North America regional champion...

a month ago
Mythic Dungeon Invitational Wrap-Up

The Mythic Dungeon Invitational wrapped up on Sunday, October 1, culminating in one team taking the ...

a month ago
WoW Arena Esports: Splyce and Method NA Stand Unopposed

After an action-packed first day of BlizzCon competition, the finalists gear up for an exciting NA v...

a year ago
WoW Arena Esports: Northern Gaming Blue and Splyce Set the Tone Early

WHaaazz of NG Blue is out to prove he's the best rogue in the world, and so far his performances...

a year ago
Method: Synergy Crowned North America Arena Champions

Four days of battle, two groups of hardened players, and 12 solid teams with one goal: to reach the ...

2 months ago
WoW Arena Championship: Who’s In The North America Final?

The real story of this tournament lies with the players—some of the best we’ve ever seen. With role-...

3 months ago
PvP Like a Pro: Team Composition

We asked some of the best PvP players in the world how to get started and keep improving in the Aren...

3 months ago
PvP Like a Pro: Finding the Right Partners

We asked some of the best PvP players in the world their thoughts on how to get started and consiste...

4 months ago
Cup #4 Recap: Big Winners, Hard-Hitters, and Sharp Exits

The North America Cup #4 was filled to bursting with new names, old favorites, upsets, and changes. ...

4 months ago
Patron Of War: The In-Game Title Returns!

Good news, everyone! If you missed out on getting the Patron of War title from last year, your luck ...

3 months ago
One Week Left in the Mythic Dungeon Invitational Proving Grounds

Secure your spot in the Mythic Dungeon Invitational by making a run at Mythic Keystone dungeons duri...

4 months ago
WoW® Arena Championship: Sign Up For Cups #4 and #5 Now!

Want to earn points to qualify for the NA regionals? Now's your (last) chance! Sign up today for...

4 months ago
The Mythic Dungeon Invitational Is Coming!

World of Warcraft esports is expanding into the fast-paced, highly competitive world of Mythic Keyst...

4 months ago
Cup #3: Risky Rosters And Epic Wins

On the 10th of June, WoW esports legends went head-to-head in the third cup of the WoW Arena World C...

5 months ago