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Dragonflight Zone Preview: Ohn'ahran Plains

Explore the Ohn'ahran Plains, a verdant region filled with sweeping plateaus, mesas, groves, and valleys abundant with life.

5 days ago
Dragonflight Zone Preview: The Waking Shores

Explore the Waking Shores, a wild land teeming with elemental magic.

20 days ago
Dragonflight Zone Preview: The Forbidden Reach

Explore the Forbidden Reach, a broken and deserted landscape lost to the ravages of time.

a month ago
Battle for Azeroth: Vol’dun Visitor’s Guide

Once a vibrant jungle and hub of the troll empire, Vol’dun is now a wasteland that serves as a death sentence for those who have been exiled from the city. It is a vast and deadly desert with dunes virtually uninhabitable to all, except the fox-like vulpera and the snake-people known as sethrak. Journey with us for a short tour of this forbidding land.

4 years ago
Battle for Azeroth Preview: Nazmir Visitor’s Guide

The heart of the troll empire, Zandalar is known as Azeroth’s cradle of life. There are three main territories in this region: the lush jungle of Zuldazar, the dank marshland of Nazmir, and the storm-scorched desert of Vol’dun. Read on as we take you on a brief tour of Nazmir.

4 years ago
Battle for Azeroth Preview: Drustvar Visitor’s Guide

Untangle a web of betrayal and dark magic in the seafaring kingdom of Kul Tiras, a land dominated by four major houses, including House Proudmoore in Tiragarde Sound, House Waycrest in Drustvar, and House Stormsong in Stormsong Valley. Join us as we take you on a brief tour of the first of these areas: Drustvar.

4 years ago
Warlords of Draenor Zone Preview: Nagrand

Our latest zone preview takes us into the expansive hills and rocky outcroppings of Nagrand, where great beasts cause the ground to quake beneath their feet, and the wolf riders of the Warsong clan are always on the prowl. But they’re not the only ones who make this verdant land their home. We sat down with Senior Game Designer Eric Maloof and Associate Game Designer Kurt Sparkuhl to learn more.

8 years ago
Warlords of Draenor Zone Preview: Gorgrond

Our perilous journey through Draenor now takes us into the treacherous jungles and unforgiving canyons of Gorgrond, where opposing primeval forces are locked in an eternal battle. Senior Game Designer Steve Burke, Associate Game Designer Zachariah Owens, and Game Designer Ryan Shwayder share what this savage land has in store.

8 years ago
Warlords of Draenor Zone Preview: Talador

Our journey into the wilds of Draenor takes us next into Talador. We unabashedly absconded with a little of Associate Quest Designer Johnny Cash’s time to learn what’s happening here at the heart of draenei civilization.

8 years ago
Warlords of Draenor Zone Preview: Shadowmoon Valley

Having survived the journey through the Dark Portal and the rigors of Tanaan Jungle, the heroes of the Alliance must establish a new base of operations as strangers in a savage new land. But what lies in wait within the star-brushed forests of Shadowmoon Valley?

8 years ago